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About us

Beun - De Ronde

Our Group is a supplier of scientific equipment. We find our customers working in the field of analytical chemistry, process industry and life-science laboratories. In these fields we represent a number of international top-suppliers .

Did you know that the Beun-De Ronde Group is celebrating its 100th anniverary this year? Mr. Beun started the company in 1921 and Mr. De Ronde joined a number of years later. Throughout the years the company became one of the leading suppliers of scientific equipment in the Benelux. By adjusting and continuously adapting ourselves to the requirements of the market, we believe that we are ready for the years to come.

More about our history? We have a listed a number of our milestones in a blog post. Read it here.

Who are we? Mission Statement

  • BDR is an exclusive support partner for A-level suppliers in the Benelux, helping customers to use state-of-the-art laboratory technology.
  • We introduce new technologies and innovations of existing systems for laboratories, providing efficiency and continuity for the users.
  • We excel in advising and supporting its international partners onto the Benelux market and develop the market position of oncoming suppliers.

Our vision

  • Our products and services are unique and of optimal quality
  • BDR has a special, pro-active focus on top suppliers in (Element-) Analysis, Synthesis, Analytical Chemistry and Process Support
  • BDR is recognized for its real added value
  • We deliver custom-made solutions through our organizing power and flexibility
  • Our core-competences are: customer focus, cooperation, communication, result orientation
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Thinking in solutions
  • Fast, real decisions
  • Genuine interest in customers
  • Focus on core-processes

Our team

Our Benelux team is a complete group of professionals working very closely with our customers, suppliers and each other. The team consists of Sales Engineers who visit customers, advising and introducing new technologies for our customer base.
The professional specialists are supported by their Product Specialists who are able to level and work with lab technicians and researchers on application levels.

For after-sales we have over a dozen Service and Support engineers who serve our customer base with trainings, validations and corrective & preventive maintenance. All these ambulant professionals are supported by our Front- and Backoffice team and our Marketing group.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very important point of attention for us. This means that Beun – De Ronde and its sister companies are aware of the impact on people and the environment and seek a good balance between our employees, the environment and commerce. Terms such as sustainability, circularity, social return and the creation of good working conditions are important themes in this regard.

CSR is not a goal in itself, but a continuous process.

Some of our actions:

  • Installing sustainable energy solutions, such as solar panels and charging stations.
  • Energy-saving measures in and around our building
  • Sponsoring or donating to social projects and charities
  • Setting up sustainable business processes
  • Internal employee policy to promote, for example, health, knowledge or social commitment
  • Entering into partnerships with sustainable parties or suppliers

The BDR-group consists of multiple dedicated brands:

  • BioSPX: Life Science – Part of BDR
  • ChemSPX: Chemistry connects – Part of BDR
  • SciSPX: Analysis simplified – Part of BDR
  • AddSPX: Element and Structure Analysis – Part of BDR
  • LabSPX: Instrument Support – Part of BDR
  • BRS (Belgium and Luxembourg): Innovative instruments for Analysis and Synthesis

Beun-De Ronde is an ISO9001 certified company.

Service & Support Engineer

Ben jij op zoek naar een nieuwe baan waarbij je je kennis van techniek en Analytische Chemie of Life Science kunt combineren in een afwisselende buitendienstfunctie? Of heb je ervaring en als laborant en wil je je technische kennis uitbreiden en toepassen bij onze klanten? Klik op de functietitel voor meer informatie.

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