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VariPol Series

Schmidt + Haensch

VariPol Series

The Compact Laboratory Polarimeter. The VariPol makes polarimetry faster than ever


The VariPol takes the proven S&H technology & more their 150 years’ experience in polarimetry to a new level


  • Especially designed for pharmaceutical applications
  • Peltier system for automatic temperature control
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready
  • Energy saving durable LED’s
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Modular

This new instrument has been designed with all the know-how of Schmidt & Haensch like the Automatic Wavelength Calibration, the fortified Aluminum core, the built-in quality indicator of samples as well as the check of calibration standards. The 100mm sample room is optimal for the needs of pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. Its seamless shape makes it easy to clean.

The VariPol makes polarimetry faster than ever: The integrated Peltier system can change 10°C in 30 seconds to highest precision. After temperature stabilization, the measurement itself takes only 6 seconds! The new tension free design of our sample tubes allows a fast cleaning or exchange of the cover glasses without birefringence.

Low power consumption and with a modern standby mode it gives you fast reaction time and helps to preserve resources (Green Tech). LED light technology: the light source is maintenance free during the instrument’s lifetime, saving you maintenance costs and downtime. Wavelength modules can be exchanged on site to allow a flexible operation

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