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How Purolite improved their process development with Radleys’ Mya 4

How Purolite improved their process development.

This technical webinar is co-hosted with Dr Patrick Gilbert, Technical Director at Purolite. Together with Radleys, they will discuss how the Agarose Process development team at Purolite improved their Design of Experiment (DoE) and scale-up work by using the Mya 4 Reaction Station.

Based on a white paper on the same topic, this webinar will look at why Purolite needed an alternative to the round bottom flask set-up (with heating-only equipment) they were using for their small-scale Process development. Having issues scaling up from their DoE studies, the team started using Mya 4 Reaction Stations as an alternative.

Join us to understand how they are now getting more reproducible and reliable results, saving time and reducing waste. Dr Gilbert will be sharing and comparing some of his data from a particular DoE exercise before Mya 4 and with Mya 4. With this approach, the lack of correlation between small-scale experiments performed on hotplates (or similar heating-only devices) and their scaled-up version can be resolved. The Mya 4 Reaction Station offers precise temperature control, in four independent zones for volumes of up to 200 ml in one benchtop unit.

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