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BLADE brings speed, simplicity, performance, and flexibility to labs with this new microwave digestion system



  • Digestions in minutes
  • Prepare vessel in seconds
  • Workflow solutions from balance to analysis (including barcode scanning)
  • Mix and match samples and acids


Fast sample digestion, CFR compliant

BLADE was designed with speed in mind. CEM combined advanced vortexing and Single Mode Cavity™ (SMC) technology to provide the highest watt-density and achieve clear digestions in a fraction of the time of traditional microwave digestion systems.

Vessels are also very simple and quick to prepare: Simply add your sample and acid to the BLADE vessel and snap on a cap. Load your vessel into the autosampler and the BLADE will then process your samples automatically, including cool down. 

The vessels are made off easy to clean high purity quartz, the best choice for modern laboratories digestion needs.

BLADE is the only microwave digestion system that automatically loads and unloads vessels from the cavity and provides CFR compliant documentation for every sample. The continuous-sequential automation means uninterrupted sample processing and more instrument uptime.


Digest any sample with ease.

From routine to extreme, the BLADE can digest it all with ease. Mix and match samples and acids, including HNO3, HCl, and HF, in one batch using available methods. Even watch your digestion in real-time with the high definition built in camera.


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