CD autoplus (+ autofill)

Teledyne Hanson

CD autoplus (+ autofill)

The CD AutoPlus™ is a precision autosampling system with all-inert syringes, valves, tubing, and fluidics, designed for plug-and-play integration with CD14 Comparative Dissolution Testers.


With 6 syringes (10 mL capacity) and a volume accuracy of ± 1% (0.1 mL), the CD AutoPlus easily accommodates sampling intervals under 5 minutes.

CD AUTOPLUS Dissoscan and Maximizer

The CD AutoPlus comes in two configurations, DissoScan™ and Maximizer™. Use the DissoScan with
optional return-to-vessel (RTV) probes to recirculate rinse volumes, or the Maximizer™ for
automated addition of dilutions or stabilizers, and its included media-replacement kit with low-
evaporation vessel covers, 6 fixed probes (PEEK), and a 6-channel tubing harness.
The CD AutoPlus (38 cm W x 66 cm D) when combined with the CD14 dissolution tester provides the
smallest 14-vessel footprint in its class.

CD AutoPlus Features

  •  Handles surfactants and buffered media
  •  Sample timing options: At Point or Midpoint
  •  Seamless integration with space-saving AutoFill™ fraction collector stacked on top
  •  Convenient auto-start feature
  •  Programmable end-of-test wash routine automatically prepares system for next test
  •  Print to serial and network printers
  •  21 CFR Part 11 security compliant with event logs, error logs, and full audit trail
  •  USP / US FDA / ASTM / EP / JP / CE / CSA / RoHS compliant


AutoFill Features

  •  Precision fraction collector fully compatible with all AutoPlus™ autosampler models
  •  Wash port with end-of-test wash routine
  •  Sample retrieval return to vessel accessory
  •  CE / CSA / RoHS compliant
  •  Choice of easy install collection racks with rack detection sensors
  •  Compatible with 16 x 100 mm test tubes with evaporation caps, and 12 x 32 mm vials with
      pre-cut septa

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