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Enviro TOC


Enviro TOC

TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best


TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best

The Enviro TOC, combines the technical know-how of its predecessor, the vario TOC select, with innovative technologies:

Designed for environmental samples
The analysis of TOC in wastewater to assess organic contamination or to evaluate the cleaning efficiency of sewage treatment plants is an international standard procedure. Also, TOC and TNb determination are indispensable for monitoring organic pollution and nitrogen load in surface waters. The enviro TOC is tailored to the analysis of TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, DOC, POC or TNb in these matrices. Samples are injected with a 60-position autosampler. Integrated rinsing functions minimize carryover during the analysis of particle-containing samples. In addition, the measurement of soil samples or waste is also possible without time-consuming instrument modifications. As one of the few analyzers on the market, enviro TOC offers fully automatic TOC determination in solid and liquid samples with one system.

TOC analyzer with flexible nitrogen determination
The enviro TOC enables simultaneous TNb determination either using the proven EC cell technology or a novel, integrated chemiluminescence detector (CLD). The innovative CLD concept provides stable conditions for NO measurement in the carrier gas. Consequently, the NO signal is linearly correlated with the TNb concentration over a large measurement range. The built-in CLD does not require additional laboratory space and delivers extremely stable values, which simplifies calibration as well as result evaluation.

Real matrix separation with SALTTRAP
During the combustion of salt-containing samples, salts crystallize in the combustion tube. If the crystallization occurs directly on the quartz glass or in the catalyst, their lifetime is significantly reduced. The unique SALTTRAP of the enviro TOC guarantees user-friendly maintenance intervals of the combustion tube and the catalyst even for concentrated salt solutions, thus saving running costs during operation. Depending on the nature of the salt, a slight decrease in crystallization can be achieved by reducing the combustion temperature. However, only SALTTRAP guarantees truly effective glass corrosion protection, because the salts are trapped directly at the point where they melt.

Easy and cost-effective maintenance
The user-friendly maintenance concept of the enviro TOC ensures the most efficient routine analysis: Our goal is that the maximum lifetime of the instrument can be reached with minimum maintenance effort. Consequently, all consumables can be easily replaced by the user. Clearly arranged, easily accessible components guarantee that most maintenance work can be carried out independently within a very short time. This saves running costs and avoids downtime of the instrument.

Analysis methods
High-temperature catalytic carbon oxidation up to 1200 °C and CO2 detection with NDIR for TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, POC (VOC), DOC. TNb determination simultaneously with CLD or EC cell (option).

Innovative detectors
Customized, integrated detectors for CO2 and NO determination. Variable sample volumes allow multipoint calibration from a single standard solution and avoid dilution errors. Extraordinary linearity over a large calibration range.

Modular concept for liquids and solids analysis
Automatic sample feeders for liquids and solids, alternatively cost-efficient solutions with manual sample change. Quick and easy exchangeable. Can be upgraded at any time.

The innovative combustion t/ube concept enables real matrix separation and offers maximum protection of the combustion tube. Designed for analyses of salt-containing samples, particles or other complicated sample matrices.

Software with high performance and maximum flexibility
Instrument control with a Windows standard PC, control and evaluation software with flexible calibration features, advanced math operations, and intuitive troubleshooting. Integrated maintenance software and comprehensive help menu.

Robust furnace
Working temperatures up to 1200 °C. Suitable and flexible temperature settings for salt-containing solutions (~720-750 °C), particle-containing solutions (850 °C), and solids (larger than 900 °C) with one furnace.

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