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Forced Convection BP/BE


Forced Convection BP/BE

High temperature precision and better homogeneity and stability


The BP (Performance) incubator range was developed in order to meet the needs of biological and medical analysis laboratories, allowing hospital or private laboratories to have higher requirements than present standards.

The BE (Expert) incubator has in addition to the BP incubator the following benefits: a thermal disinfection cycle (@160°C for 2.5 hours and an adjustable fan speed).

  • Temperature range: ambient +5°C to 100°C (excellent temperature uniformity less than 0.5°C @ 37°C)
  • Rapid temperature set-point and homogeneity achieved with internal fan
  • Adjustable air control (0 to 100%)
  • Volumes 60L to 245L
  • Left side cable entry port diam. 30 mm
  • Inner safety glass door