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Gas Module


Gas Module

The Gas Module enables the user to perform reactions with gases in an easy and safe manner.


The system works seemlessly with the H-Cube Pro and the Phoenix Flow Reactor systems. It allows the accurate dosing of 14 different gases into the liquid stream.

Reactions, such as carbonylations or oxidations, can be performed at high pressures, widening the reactor’s chemistry ability significantly:

  • A gas source, typically a gas cylinder, connected to the Gas Module™ lets out a gas flow that should be in a pressure range between 25 and 140 bar
  • The user can select the applicable gas from the list of the Gas Module™ or set the properties of a new gas
  • The built-in mass flow controller ensures the accurate dosing of the gas, even at high pressure


Versatile: 14 gases in one device: compressed air, O2, CO, ethylene, SynGas for hydroformylations, CH4, C2H6, He, H2, N2, N2O, NO, Ar, CO2 (after preheating)
Other gases with well-known thermodynamic properties and compatibility can be introduced

Powerful: Capability for performing heterogeneous reactions at up to 100 bar pressure

Robust: Materials of construction consist of either 316 stainless steel or hastelloy

Simple: 3-button control or touch screen control with the H-Cube® Pro


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