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H-Cube Mini plus


H-Cube Mini plus

Safe and affordable hydrogenation for academia


The H-Cube® Mini Plus is a safe, powerful and affordable flow reactor which generates high-pressure hydrogen with the electrolysis of water, allowing chemists to perform catalytic hydrogenations from atmospheric pressure and room temperature to 100 bar and 100 °C in minutes.

Hydrogenation is one of the most important reactions in chemical synthesis, but the hazardous nature of hydrogen limits its use. The H-Cube® series have already eliminated the dangers associated with hydrogenation through the use of in situ hydrogen generation and the handling of pyrophoric catalysts by filling them in sealed catalyst cartridges (CatCarts®). This technology has been adopted by the leaders in the pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance, fine chemical, agrochemical industries and in academia.

The hydrogen generation system of the H-Cube® Mini Plus can be easily turned off to allow non-hydrogenation reactions to be performed as well, such as C-C coupling reactions.


  • Hydrogenation without cylinders
  • No catalyst filtration
  • Fast reactions
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Built-in video tutorial
  • Automated hydrogen drying system


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