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H-Cube Pro Hastelloy


H-Cube Pro Hastelloy

Continuous flow hydrogenation reactor for advanced chemistry


The H-Cube® Pro Hastelloy is designed to extend the available reaction space of its renowned stainless steel counterpart, the classic H-Cube® Pro.

All wetted parts are made from Hastelloy C for improved chemical resistance. With the H-Cube® Pro Hastelloy, working with corrosive reagents becomes as easy as any other reaction with the H-Cube® product family.

How does it work?

  • Hydrogen is generated by the electrolysis of water inside the system.
  • The microHPLC pump delivers pure solvent into the system, where it is mixed with hydrogen using a mixing valve.
  • The gas-liquid mixture progresses into the reaction zone where the system controls to the user defined reaction conditions (pressure, temperature, and flow rate).
  • Once the desired parameters are achieved and the reaction zone achieves stablity, the feed can be switched from the solvent to the reactant solution.
  • The reaction mixture passes through a CatCart® (a pre-packed column containing solid catalyst), where the reaction takes place. The product leaves the CatCart®, but the catalyst is retained.
  • The product is collected in the collection vial.
  • Reactions from milligrams to grams can be performed.


  • Hastelloy C pump head
  • Hastelloy C tubing
  • Hastelloy C CatCart® columns with a wide range of heterogeneous catalysts
  • No need for hydrogen cylinders, as hydrogen is generated on-demand by the system from water
  • Wide temperature range (10-150°C)
  • Wide pressure range (from atmospheric pressure to 100 bar)
  • No catalyst handling with pre-filled CatCarts®
  • High throughput
  • Great reaction control

Applicable corrosive reagents

  • Mineral acids and bases
  • Strong oxidizers (such as ferric and cupric chlorides)
  • Nitric, formic and acetic acids, acetic anhydride
  • Wet chlorine
  • Sea water and brine solutions
  • Hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions

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