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H-Genie Lite


H-Genie Lite

Replace your cylinders with this small, high pressure smart hydrogen generator.


The H-Genie® Lite is the new, streamlined version of the R&D 100 award winning H-Genie® Smart Hydrogen Generator. Generating hydrogen from water up to 50 bar (725 psi) on demand, it is the easy solution for replacing hydrogen cylinders in your lab.


  • Safe The H-Genie® Lite generates hydrogen from water on demand up to 50 bar. H-Genie® Lite is equipped with internal hydrogen leak detectors and many other safety features.
  • Simple With its intuitive touchscreen display, you can learn to use H-Genie® Lite in one minute. Simply set the required pressure or time and press start.
  • Budget-friendy By focusing on the essentials, we made the H-Genie® Lite an affordable yet lab essential, market leading hydrogen generator technology.
  • Compact With its compact size the H-Genie® Lite can easily fit in any fume hood and can be relocated to where it is needed.

Systems compatible with the H-GENIE® Lite
Phoenix Flow Reactor™

The combination of the H-Genie® with the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ offers unparalleled hydrogenation synthesis, scale-up, or catalyst testing capabilities.

Designed to be used safely in any discovery, development, process, petrochemical or catalyst screening lab, the Hydrogenation Development Platform combines in-situ high pressure hydrogen generation from water with high temperature reactor capability and a precise gas data monitoring system for the first time. Chemists and chemical engineers can now run hydrogen-based experiments with homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts up to 450°C and 100 bar (200 and 300 Bar versions are available) without the need for hydrogen cylinders or hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen Production Rate 1 NL/min
Output Pressure Range 1-50 bar
Purity ≥ 99,9% at room temperature
Water requirement Deionized water (recommended conductivity < 1µS/cm)
Water consumption rate 200 mL/hr
Water reservoir capacity 3L
Recommended environment Ventilated laboratory fume hood
Unit dimensions (H x W x D) 385 x 365 x 476 mm
Unit weight 33,7 kg
Outlet parameter Swagelok tube fitting 1/8″ stainless steel

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