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Inductar EL Cube


Inductar EL Cube

Inductar® EL cube – Analyze five elements in one instrument


High-temperature elemental analysis of C, H, N, O and S in inorganic materials

Elementar’s inductar EL cube is the first instrument in the history of inorganic elemental analysis to analyze five elements with a single solution. This unique analyzer sets the standard in flexibility and precision with its innovative analysis and state-of-the-art technology.

Carbon, sulfur and oxygen are analyzed with a wide-range IR detector, which is capable of detecting the whole concentration range. Innovative detection technology allows for the precise determination of hydrogen for the first time, while the concentration of nitrogen is detected via TCD. Thanks to an optional camera, the gas release can be observed in real-time by the operator. Innovative design and technology solutions for the highest precision and versatility

Measuring method:
Depending on the selected functionality, the inorganic sample that is to be analyzed will either combust in oxygen at 2,000°C (CS) or fuse with helium or argon at 3,000°C (ONH). Subsequently, the resulting gases are analyzed and all analysis is conducted according to international standards.

Easy sample preparation and handling:
There is no need for special sample preparation, meaning all kinds of solid samples can be weighed using the instrument. For CS, samples are loaded into ceramic containers, while ONH uses graphite containers and can handle samples up to 1g. For some analyses, additives may be needed.

Five elements in one device:
The inductar EL cube is the first analyzer to combine CHNOS into one single device. A simple switch will transform the device from CS to ONH and simple maintenance work will ensure the analyzer runs as reliably and accurately as the respective specialized analyzers.

Linear single/multipoint calibration:
The operator is guided through the calibration by an intuitive calibration assistant. The transparently calculated calibration is editable, storable, linear and stable for months, and templates can be stored for future calibrations.

Low operational requirements:
The instrument takes up one meter of laboratory working space and only needs one electrical connection and one operating gas for maintenance-free, long-term operation.

Fully automatic:
Automated and unattended operation is possible using the integrated sample changer, while control is granted using Windows or optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software.