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Ovens with ventilation


Ovens with ventilation

Perfect for all applications requiring speed, precision and homogeneity


The new generation AIR Performance Ovens have been developed to comply with all applications requiring speed, precision and homogeneity being specifically well adapted for drying, thermal tests and sterilization from ambient plus 5°C to +250°C.

  • Dual digital display of the oven setpoint temperature & actual temperature (0.1° precision)
  • Vented by a fan providing stability and excellent homogeneity (less than 0.5°C at 70°C).
  • Conforms to EN60068-3-11 and NFX15-140
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Volumes: 60L, 120L to 240L


  • Chamber heating by convection, no risk of conduction or radiation (air inlet at temperature setpoint)
  • Controlled by Pt 100 multi-stranded probes
  • Left side cable entry port diam. 30 mm
  • Adjustable air entry
  • EASYCLEANING stainless steel inner chamber (flat surface, removable shelf holders)
  • Adjustable shelf levels

The Expert Ovens from Froilabo offer on top the following additional features:

  • Adjustable fan speed (25 to 100%)
  • A programmable controller with 16 settings to enable temperature cycle up to 8 temperatures and 3 different cycles
  • An RS485 port for data transfer. Software, USB cable, protocol and adapter included.