Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System


BOD is an analysis that benefits from automation. An automated instrument improves the reproducibility in diluting samples with seeded dilution water and adding ATU. After a 5-day incubation period, initial and final results need to be calculated correctly, taking dilution factors and selection rules into account.
The instrument is fully ISO 5815-1 and EN 1899-1 compliant an is specifically designed for laboratories analyzing a medium or large number of samples per day
A MANTECH BOD instrument consists of:

  • AutoMax 122 Sampler with 24-bottle BOD-racks
  • YSI 5100 DO-meter and unmodified YSI 5905 DO-probe


  • YSI ProODO DO-meter with optical luminescence probe
  • Rinse pump for DO-probe and dispensers
  • Fast dilution pump, fills a 300ml bottle in seconds
  • Inhibitor pump
  • PC-BOD interface for system control
  • Level sensor
  • PC-BOD software for full system control, result calculation and rack monitoring

For smaller workloads, a BOD Mini instrument is available with the AutoMax 73 sampler which holds 11-bottle BOD-racks.
This autosampler has a smaller footprint and reduces the purchase price significantly.

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