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PeCOD P100 online COD Analyzer


PeCOD P100 online COD Analyzer

Make measurements in real time on a 15 minute cycle time


The PECOD online system is able to make measurements in real time on a 15 minute cycle time. Ranges available from more than 25mg/l up to 15000 mg/l
PeCOD analyzers accurately detect COD in samples from a variety of sources and overcome many of the problems encountered by existing COD methods.

  • Real time results (less than 15mins ) to overcome the problems of time delays encountered by chemical oxidation methods
  • Absolute COD measurement avoiding costly and time consuming regular calibration
  • Complete oxidation leading to high accuracy and high reproducibility minimizing matrix variation problems.
  • Direct signal acquisition resulting in high sensitivity and wide linear range
  • Equivalent BOD
  • No Hazardous reagents
  • Small footprint & light weight less than 3.5kg makes it ideal for mounting on-line
  • Splash resistant keypad
  • Identical technologies across platforms (laboratory and on line unit) ensures consistency of results when switching between the two
  • In line mixing avoids user intervention for difficult to analyze samples
  • Unmatched ppb sensitivity (0.2 mg/l) and reproducibility (RSD=±3%)

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