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Phoenix Black Sulphate Ashing


Phoenix Black Sulphate Ashing

Safely remove harmful fumes from the furnace cavity and neutralize any residual acid exhausted


The CEM Phoenix BLACK Microwave System with Sulfated Ashing Option is a microwave muffle furnace that allows the pharmaceutical industry to perform Residue On Ignition (ROI) or Sulfated Ash tests for the evaluation of raw materials, excipients and quality control for finished products while safely removing and neutralizing Sulfur and Nitric Acid vapors.

The system eliminates procedures that are operator-dependent, such as Bunsen burners, heat lamps, and hot plates. Computer control of multi-stage methods allows each step to be quantified for documentation and validation and frees laboratory personnel for other tasks.

The Phoenix BLACK equipped with the sulfate ashing option has an external scrubber system that directly sucks these corrosive gases from the furnace and neutralizes them.

  • The configuration meets ISO 14000 regulations and all requirements for USP 281 (ROI) & USP 733 (LOI).
  • The sulfate ashing option can be disconnected and re-added in less than five minutes without the use of tools.
  • USB data output provides CFR21 part 11 compliance method details and date of completion.

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