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Phoenix Dry Heat Systems

Teledyne Hanson

Phoenix Dry Heat Systems

Manual and automated diffusion testing systems. More compact, easier to use, and more precise than conventional systems


The Phoenix DB-6 dry heat diffusion system provides a compact footprint for six cell testing. Precision heating and stirring systems contained within the block makes the system fully portable, able to be placed in any position the analyst chooses for faster, easier cell preparation. With precise control of mixing speeds from 200 rpm to 900 rpm, and temperatures from 25 °C to 40 °C, the system meets or exceeds USP <1724> specifications. 

  An advanced colour touchscreen running on an embedded single-board computer with a built-in SQL database and real-time clock provides advanced monitoring, diagnostic, and reporting capabilities, user-friendly programming and navigation, storage for up to 100 test protocols, and configurable security for up to 50 users. The large, bright display allows key parameters to be seen from a distance, including speed, temperature, elapsed time, and time to next sample. When sampling is due, the system alerts the operator with the cell position, a countdown timer, and an audible beep. Test reports are delivered via the Teledyne Hanson serial validation printer. 

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