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Polartronic H 532

Schmidt + Haensch

Polartronic H 532

The high-resolution (0.0001 °) polarimeter H532 with up to 5 wavelengths and the highest precision


The fully electronic high resolution (0,0001°) circle polarimeter H532 with up to 5 wavelengths and highest precision.


  • Highest measuring precision
  • Measuring of optical rotatory dispersion (ORD)
  • Up to 5 wavelengths
  • Calibration free because of spectral lamps

Polartronic H532 is housed under the steel housing with large user programmable display and powerful software similar to the S&H refractometer ATR Series. The improved software implements amongst other features the input of sample identification numbers, statistic evaluations of multiple measurements, user definable printouts individually configurable for each of the 10 available methods, etc.

Main Features:

  • Measurement of the optical activity of liquids according to ICUMSA, O.I.M.L., European and American Pharmacopoeia
  • For highest demands in pharmaceutical, research and development laboratories
  • Direct reading of the rotation angle without mechanical transmission is resulting in guaranteed unmatchable precision over the entire measuring range
  • Short measuring time, no mechanical abrasion
  • The measurement is carried out constantly without pressing a button so that flow through measurements can easily be performed.
  • The customer can program up to 10 special scales (glucose, mono sodium glutamate or other) and 10 methods
  • Calibration free due to spectral lamps
  • Display of the optical density
  • Analytical measurements at multiple wavelength (determination of the optical rotation dispersion)
  • Selectable apertures for standard cells and micro cells
  • The Polartronic H x32 Series has got up to 5 wavelenghts. The Polartronic H 532 is equipped with five wavelengths. The standard wavelength are 365.11 nm / 435.95 nm / 546.23 nm /579.16 nm /589.44 nm, others on request
  • Serial to Ethernet converter for data transfer to PC
  • Automatic temperature compensation when using an appropriate polarimeter tube
  • The instrument has a versatile software for test routines and configurations
  • GLP/GMP conform documentation
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready. In conjunction with the Software AQUISYS 2008 (option) all requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 will be performed :

     ✔ Audit trail function
     ✔ Report generation
     ✔ Electronic signature
     ✔ Encrypted electronic data storage and archiving
     ✔ Data transfer to Excel
     ✔ Remote modus Features of Polartronic H 532
     ✔ Internal data memory (999 measurements)


  • NEW: Chemically resistant polarimeter tubes
  • NEW: Polarimeter tubes with self-sealing coupling for quick and safe connection / disconnection of water circulators
  • NEW: Triple Quartz Control Plates (TQCP’s)