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Rapid CS Cube


Rapid CS Cube

High precision, fast and automated carbon and sulfur analysis


Optimized performance in carbon and sulfur analysis

Elementar’s rapid CS cube delivers industry-leading performance in the analysis of carbon and sulfur, combining unparalleled analytical performance with operational efficiency and automated sample throughput.

Meanwhile, its fast and sensitive IR-enabled SO2/CO2 determination capabilities have been developed to specifically cater to the requirements of sulfur and carbon analysis, offering precise sensitivity and easy handling when working with coal, soil or waste samples.

These advances mean the rapid CS cube is able to deliver a highly optimized performance, meeting the specific needs of laboratories with impressive efficiency and speed.

Quantitative high-temperature decomposition:
The rapid CS cube functions at a permanent temperature near 1,200 °C, reaching 1,800 °C during combustion. In pure oxygen, the contained sulfur is fully converted into SO2 with 100% recovery, even in the case of BaSO4. Carbon is converted to CO2 and detected by a real non-dispersive IR photometer.

Large weighing range: The instrument’s range encompasses micro (less than 1 mg) and macro (1 g) applications, depending on the sample type.

Large dynamic concentration range:
The measuring range is 0-100%, or 20 mg S absolute, with just one IR detector and sensitivity range. The measuring range for carbon is 0-100%, or up to 40 mg absolute. Even concentrations of below 1 ppm or 0.2 µg S can be detected.

Automated analysis:
The integrated sample magazine can accommodate 60 large samples that can be analyzed fully automatically, even overnight. The maximum number of samples that can be loaded is 120 for solid materials such as coal; liquid samples can be sealed in tin capsules and loaded in the autosampler.

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