Redisep Flash Columns

Teledyne Isco

Redisep Flash Columns

Easy purification and scale-up from milligram to kilogram.


When you need the highest purity compound, your first choice should be Teledyne ISCO’s Combiflash EZ Prep fitted with RediSep Gold and RediSep Prep columns. Teledyne ISCO has built a quality reputation on the high performance of the RediSep and RediSep Gold Flash purification columns. Performance is further enhanced with RediSep Prep columns specifically designed for high performance preparative liquid chromatography (Prep HPLC).


  • Column diameters ranging from 10 to 50 mm in both 150 and 250 mm lengths with 5 µm media.
  • Analytical method development columns.
  • Same chemical bonding techniques used in RediSep Gold and RediSep Prep columns.
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