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Unipol 2020

Schmidt + Haensch

Unipol 2020

Fully automatic digital polarimeter particularly designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications


Fully automatic digital polarimeter particularly designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

  • High-performance circle polarimeter
  • Unchanged high precision
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready
  • Comply to international standards

The entire measuring range of ± 360° is divided in several measuring ranges which can easy be selected by the menu.

The user-friendly menu structure of the instrument is easily operated with the splash-proof alphanumerical keyboard. Software enables the user to input sample ID-numbers, calculate statistics and configure user defined printout of the measuring results. The measuring values are shown on the large LCD display.

The standard model is equipped with the 589 nm wavelength. Other wavelengths on request.

Various polarimeter tubes are available for different applications. With the use of micro tubes smallest sample volumes are sufficient. The polarimeter Unipol 2020 is equipped with plug in connector for the temperature sensor of the S&H polarimetric tubes. If polarimeter tubes or quartz control plates with integrated temperature sensor are used the current sample or quartz temperature is indicated at the display.

The resolution of Unipol 2020 is in complete conformity to the European and American Pharmacopeia. GLP/GMP conform data can be transferred to printer or PC.

The Unipol 2020 is 21 CFR part 11 ready. In conjunction with the Software AQUISYS 2008 (option) all requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 will be performed:

  • Audit trail function
  • Report generation
  • Electronic signature
  • Encrypted electronic data storage and archiving
  • Data transfer to Excel

Polarimeter Accessories:
NEW: Chemically resistant polarimeter tubes
NEW: Polarimeter tubes with self-sealing coupling for quick and safe connection/disconnection of water circulators
NEW: Triple Quartz Control Plates (TQCP’s)

As the interference filters, which are used in circle polarimeters, suffer from age- and environment depending alteration, it might be necessary to check the wavelength precision periodically and to readjust the wavelength in case it’s out of range. This can be done with sucrose solutions or quartz control plates. Sucrose solutions are not very stable and have to be renewed regularly. Checking a polarimeter by a quartz plate is a much more reliable method.

Quartz control plates are long-term stable examination standards for polarimeter. The sample room of S&H polarimeter permits the vertical movement of quartz control plates as well as the free rotation (±360°) around their own axis. Only by a rotation it is possible to check if the plates are mounted without strain and permit an examination of the polarimeter according to processing regulations of international standards like ICUMSA and OIML.

Applications : Polarimetric concentration and purity analysis in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry.