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Vario MACRO Cube


Vario MACRO Cube

The world’s first macro elemental analyzer for simultaneous carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur (C, H, N, S) determination from one sample


Accurate macro sample analysis made easy
The elemental analysis of macro samples is a particularly technical challenge for an analyzer, whether it’s dealing with coal, oil or soil samples. With the vario MACRO cube, the elemental analysis experts at Elementar have solved this task in a sophisticated way.

The vario MACRO cube combines innovative new technical solutions with tried-and-tested techniques to facilitate the simultaneous determination of CHNS in samples up to the gram range, and represents the world’s first analyzer to make this possible in a single fully-automated step.

With the elaborate design of Elementar’s cube instrument range optimized in terms of both ergonomics and functionality, the modular nature of the vario MACRO cube means that it is ready to meet today’s and tomorrow’s laboratory requirements. However, the most important requirement of an analyzer remains the precision of the analysis – and the vario MACRO cube simply works, delivering accurate results every time.

High-temperature combustion unit
Quantitative sample digestion at up to 1,200 °C, or 1,800 °C at the point of combustion when tinfoil is used, with a ten-year furnace warranty. This is the prerequisite for 100% recovery, even when dealing with samples that are difficult to combust – jet injection of oxygen directly to the sample leads to the highest oxygen concentrations at the point of combustion, as well as low gas consumption.

Largest weighing range
Spanning from micro (less than 1 mg) to macro (800 mg soil) sample weight, depending on requirements, and up to 20 mg of organic matter.

Largest dynamic range of element concentrations and element ratio
Up to 40 mg C abs, or 15 mg N abs, from ppm to 100%.

Steel combustion tubes
Robust steel tubes are used in the combustion and post-combustion furnace in CN and CHN modes, ensuring a long lifespan.
Purge and trap chromatography
Separation of gaseous components on up to three specific columns for perfect separation without overlap, and automatic optimization of the analysis time.

Multipoint calibration
Offering matrix-independent stability for months at a time.
PC-based instrumentation control
Full digitalization of the instrument allows for remote operation from a standard PC and perfect results, even when dealing with unknown or heavily variable sample matrices. The integrated standard sample feeder accommodates 60 samples – upgradeable to 120 – with 21 CFR part 11 functionality also available.

One simple instrument for all applications
The vario MACRO cube requires no expensive special catalysts, facilitating easy ash removal from the combustion tube and offering long-lasting components to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Clean, safe and fast
Each analysis only takes a few minutes and uses helium carrier gas, with no aggressive or toxic chemicals needed.

Easy installation requirements
The vario MACRO cube takes up just 48 x 55 cm of benchtop space and operates using a single power supply (230, 110 or 100 V) and two gases, providing lengthy periods of maintenance-free operation.

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