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Vario MAX Cube


Vario MAX Cube

The elemental analyzer vario MAX cube is optimized for carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur determination by high-temperature combustion in organic samples up to 5 g


Maximum performance with a minimal footprint

The product of a long tradition of cutting-edge macro analyzer designs, Elementar’s vario MAX cube combines with state-of-the-art electronics, software and robotic advances to deliver market-leading capabilities in terms of analytical performance, reliability, cost and speed of analysis.

The vario MAX cube takes full advantage of the benefits offered by the Dumas combustion method, which has become the worldwide standard for the accurate and rapid determination of nitrogen in samples such as agricultural products. When dealing with larger sample sizes of 1 g or more, this method has been proven superior to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method in terms of speed, safety and environmental friendliness – and the vario MAX cube’s performance showcases this.

The instrument’s advanced performance is also a reflection of Elementar’s pioneering expertise in the development of organic elemental analyzers. As the creator of the macro N analyzer in 1988 – the world’s first combustion-type nitrogen analyzer for samples up to 3g, using reusable steel crucibles – Elementar has an unparalleled track record in designing systems that can cope with the demands of handling macro-sized samples.

All of this expertise ensures that the vario MAX cube is able to deliver fast, stable and accurate performance every time.

Suitable for the largest sample sizes
The vario MAX cube can accommodate sample weights of up to 5g for CN analysis, or up to 500mg for C and N in absolute terms, depending on the mode.

Long-lasting 90-position autosampler
The in-built autosampler houses 5ml steel crucibles that accommodate solid and liquid samples and offers a virtually unlimited lifespan. Ash removal is automatic, and the instrument can be recharged at any time – even during operation.

Unmatched speed of analysis
The vario MAX cube is able to deliver high sample throughput without interruption by blanks or recalibration measurements, meaning it can progress from sample to sample in less than four minutes for N analysis.

Reliable precision
The vario MAX cube is precise enough to detect N at a rate of 5 ppm in beer, or 10 ppm of C in a soil sample.

Proven long-term stability
The instrument is capable of delivering a fully automated operation and can be left running unattended, even overnight, with only one blank value check required per day.

Efficient water removal
A multistep condenser and Nafion® gas dryer allow the vario MAX cube to deliver prolonged periods of maintenance-free operation, even when dealing with a continuous series of 2ml aqueous samples.

Measuring method:
The vario MAX cube offers high-temperature combustion at up to 1,200 °C, facilitating subsequent gas analysis. N protein analysis is carried out according to the Dumas method, with CN analysis adhering to AOAC, DIN/ISO, EN and other international standards.

Easy sample handling:
Sample weigh-in can be performed using steel or ceramic reusable crucibles without any special pre-treatment. This is suitable for solid or liquid samples up to several grams or millilitres.

Clean, safe and fast:
Each analysis only takes a few minutes, achieving a physical separation of water and CO2 without any need for aggressive or toxic chemicals.

Large concentration range
From ppm to 100% or 500 mg absolute for C & N (depending on mode)

Low operational requirements
Running and maintaining a vario MAX cube can be achieved with only 1 m of laboratory working space, two operating gases and a single electrical connection.

Fully automated:
The instrument’s integrated 90-position sample changer can be controlled via Windows PC, with optional 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software also available.

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