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Radleys Reactor-Ready™ Filter Lab Reactor

New in our portfolio:

Reaction and filtration in a single jacketed vessel setup, ideal for crystallisation, reaction workups and product isolation.

Upgrade your existing Reactor-Ready framework to accept filter vessels or invest in a dedicated Filter Reactor!

  • Filter vessels are fully jacketed down to base for accurate temperature control
  • Range of jacketed filter vessels in 1 and 2 litre volumes
  • Filter assembly allows for efficient solid-liquid separation with minimal hold-up


Synthesise and filter in the same vessel


The unique jacketed filter vessels allow for precise temperature control of the entire vessel contents during synthesis and filtration.


Filter assembly

The Reactor-Ready filter plate assembly enables efficient filtrations with easy solid recovery.

  • Innovative gasket and O-ring seal design reduces risk of leaks
  • The rotating filter support plate makes it quick and easy to change the various components