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The best instruments for Biomaterials & Recycling

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Oxygen  concentration  analysis  is  gaining  importance  in  the  fuel  and  biomass   industry.   Only   direct   analytical   determination   of   oxygen   concentration  can  deliver  accurate,  unbiased  data.

Mantech MT Series of Automated Environmental Titration and Multi-Parameter Analyzers

Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, MANTECH will deliver. We realize each laboratory is unique and as a result, our systems are tailor configured with off-the-shelf modules to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size. Each system is fully automated by easy to use software and robust robotics.

Parameters: Acidity, alkalinity, ammonia, chloride, color, conductivity, fluoride, nitrate, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), oxygen, pH, salinity, temperature, total hardness, turbidity

Mantech PeCOD Fast and Portable COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Analyzer

MANTECH’s revolutionary PeCOD® COD Analyzer technology provides accurate chemical oxygen demand (COD) results in 10 minutes — without the use of harmful chemicals including dichromate and mercury. Highly adaptable for wastewater and drinking water applications, the PeCOD® COD Analyzer’s patented nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis will save you time and money while protecting the environment and the health and safety of your workers.

CEM Mars 6 microwave digestion for heavy metal analysis   

For over 30 years chemists have trusted CEM to provide the highest quality microwave digestion systems for their laboratories. The MARS is simply the easiest to use, safest and most intelligent system on the market. It is the only system that uses integrated sensor technology to recognize the vessel type as well as the sample number then apply the appropriate amount of power to ensure the highest quality digest. With options for remote system control and contactless all vessel temperature control, the MARS is ready to handle your most difficult samples.

CEM Smart 6: Moisture / Solid Analyzer

The SMART 6™ is the most technologically advanced microwave moisture analyzer in the world for rapid moisture / solids analysis. The system utilizes a combination of microwave and infrared to rapidly analyze moisture and solids in any product. This patented dual-frequency drying energy source provides the most rapid and complete drying available, for the widest range of sample types.

CEM Phoenix Black: Rapid and simple Ash analysis

For raw / frozen meat but also for canned meat and finished products.

Ash samples with unmatched speed and safety with the Phoenix BLACK™. With an onboard touchscreen interface, you’ll save time and simplify your workflow. Two powerful magnetrons heat the cavity, which allows for exceptional temperature control and lightning fast ramp times. Make rapid adjustments to reduce out-of-specification products and improve your process control.

The new Phoenix Black can be paired with a balance and a printer for automatic results.

Elementar Rapid OxyCube: Reliable oxygen analysis

Experience highly accurate and precise oxygen analysis – even in the low ppm range – with our rapid OXY cube. This oxygen analyzer delivers matrix-independent results as sample pyrolysis takes place at 1,500 °C in an extra-long furnace hot zone.

To enable trace oxygen analysis, the system blank is reduced to almost non-existent levels thanks to innovative sample introduction methods and a blank-free pyrolysis reactor made from glassy carbon. In the standard configuration, oxygen is detected as CO via a thermal conductivity detector. Thanks the patented backflush technology, the target analyte CO is completely separated from interfering gases. To experience an unparalleled oxygen detection limit of 10 ppm, the rapid OXY cube can be equipped with an IR detector, which only responds to CO.

The high sensitivity and linearity of this IR detector hold the key to oxygen analysis in the low ppm range. 

Elementar CHNSO analyzers

Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur are the basic elements of living nature. Their quantitative determination in the most versatile combinations of substances, the elemental analysis, is the origin and essence of the product portfolio of Elementar.

The portfolio of organic elemental analyzers includes a wide range of instruments based on the safe, simple, and eco-friendly high-temperature combustion principle with furnace temperatures well above 1,000 °C. The proven furnace technology guarantees complete quantitative conversion of the sample to measuring gas – a prerequisite for highly precise elemental analysis. Another feature that many of the organic elemental analyzers share is the patented ball valve technology for blank-free sample transfer. Thanks to the outstanding robustness and longevity of the design and the components used, most of the analyzers include a 10-year warranty on high-temperature combustion furnace and thermal conductivity cell.

Our analyzers for organic elemental analysis cover all kinds of different applications and can reliably measure even the most challenging C:N elemental ratios of up to 12,000:1 thanks to the proprietary Advanced Purge and Trap (APT) technology. All analyzers are designed to simplify daily routine operation and to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Our organic elemental analyzers offer industry-leading versatility in elemental analysis. Focused on delivering analysis results with highest precision and accuracy, our instruments are designed for minimal sample preparation and secure, unattended 24/7 operation. Optional conversion kits make it possible to upgrade every instrument at any time for special applications.