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Are you struggling to get your samples digested properly for your ICP or AAS analysis?

Digesting all types of samples can be challenging. Furthermore, you’re not always sure whether your samples have been digested properly

Can we assume that this time is over? The Mars 6 is ready to handle your most difficult samples.

The Mars 6 has more than 100 pre-programmed methods, including all EPA methods, as well as on-board tutorial videos. With One Touch, you simply choose your method and the system does the rest. Use the MARS 6 also for EXTRACTION. One instrument does it all!

Below are examples of a few digestions, but you’ll find many more on Youtube.


  • Obtaining a clear liquid from a large Bigmac, consisting of bread, meat, gravy, cheese and not forgetting the salad? No problem for the CEM Mars 6.


  • Soil is the most common environmental sample which has to be analysed after water. It can be tricky because of its composition. Watch the video of the digestion of sandy soil, clay and mineral-rich topsoil. You’ll be convinced that there is a solution for every soil you have to analyse.


  • There are many different types of baby food, different textures, different compositions,… they can all be digested with the same method in the CEM Mars 6! Watch the video below, you’ll be surprised!


  • PET is a very stable, difficult to digest polymer. But not for the CEM Mars 6! Digesting PET has never been cleaner and easier. Watch the video below to discover how.


Watch the other episodes on Youtube,  or contact us about your samples.