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15-minutes Webinar: Efficiency, quality and flexibility in Contract Synthesis – is your lab achieving this?

15 minute webinar

Contract synthesis has challenges to deliver the right material, in the right time with fast-changing project lifecycle. Traditional synthesis techniques are more often not suited to meet these demands and can also lack the quality of data required.

Scientists therefore require chemistry tools that allow them achieve these results whilst offering the ultimate in flexibility to ensure they can meet the future demands.

In this short webinar we will discuss in more detail what these challenges are and how the use of parallel chemistry can bring the increase in efficiency required.

Key learning objectives

  1. Benefits of parallel chemistry
  2. Incorporation of more flexible equipment brings longer term gains
  3. The advantages gained using more automated equipment

Who should attend?

  • CRO CRMO CDO,Drug discovery chemists
  • Process Chemists
  • Scale-up Chemists


This webinar is offered at 5 different times on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March to suit all time zones.


The registration is free. Click here  to select your preferred time and register.