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DUMAS VS Kjeldahl

Protein analysis can be much quicker and cleaner than with Kjeldahl thanks to the DUMAS method.

Dumas is a reference and routine method for the determination of total nitrogen and protein concentration. The method is ideally suited for various food and feed manufacturers and suppliers. This nitrogen and protein analysis is highly reproducible and meets national and international standards for food and feed.

Elementar’s Rapid N Exceed and Rapid Max N Exceed are fast, reproducible and have a high throughput.

The sample throughput of a Dumas system can easily exceed 200 samples per day. During 24-hour shifts, this can also be increased to 300 samples with an average analysis time of 3 to 5 minutes. It is also possible to run an urgent sample in between.

The accuracy and reproducibility of the results fully correlate with the classical methods. Due to the ease of use and fast result, the sample can – if desired – easily be re-analyzed.

The price per analysis is very low due to the economic operation of the system. Due to the fully automated operation, it is also an extremely safe method to analyze N-protein.

The Rapid N Exceed and the Rapid Max N Exceed are less harmful to the environment because they do not use hazardous chemicals.